Sometimes you need someone to talk to, someone who can help...

When you feel you can't do it alone...
When you feel trapped, like there's nowhere to turn...

When you worry all the time, and never seem to find the answers...

When even the advice offered by family or well-meaning friends
doesn't really help you feel any better,

I can help.

Recognizing the need for professional help is a good first step towards improvement.

Getting help can be of real benefit, providing help for a wide range of problems such as depression, loss, marital strife, parent-child concerns, or emotional distress. It can also help fulfill aspirations for personal growth or self-improvement. I have one clear and definite purpose: that something of positive value and constructive usefulness will come out of it for you.


It is impossible to get through life without bumping up against our insecurities, our issues.....our "stuff". We are all the same in this respect. You don't have to be crazy, maladjusted, weird or uncool to go to counseling. You go because you want to get more fun out of life, understand yourself better, feel more in tune with yourself and others, be more spiritual, or feel more connected to your community.

I'll assist you the best I can in helping you find the answers. You decide what's useful. It's up to you to choose what's valuable and important. It is your choice.
Contact me for your FREE consultation and we will begin the journey together.